Sustainable development

Since the last editions, the Festi Jazz commits to make the festival green and environmentally friendly through various ecological directions, like by favoriting reusable cups and containers, compostable latrines, or by offering a majority of local products. Our vision is to build a internanional scaled event in the greatest respect for our local and national ecosystems, while also being a model for other festivals around us.

Six new principal measures have been added to our festival in 2019;

  • The Puribec potable water station is an accessible and free way to fill up your water bottles and cups;
  • In collaboration with les Serres du Phénix, the festival’s site receives LE NID – Smoky toilets, deluxe toilet cabins that turn festival-goers rejections into compost (back in 2022);
  • 2.0 ashtrays to recycle cigarette ends, which will be transformed in recycled products by a specialized valorization center;
  • We offer local alcoholic products to reduce pollution by transports and to encourage local businesses;
  • To compensate the carbon pollution caused by the aerial transportation of our performing artists, we plant 73 trees in the province of Quebec, which will sequester about 13.28 tons of CO2 (Non-applicable for the 35th edition as there are only canadian artists, back in 2022);
  • Finally, a taxi-bike will be available for the festival-goers thanks to the tricycle built by Mr. Gaétan Lepage and the help of a few volunteers (back in 2022);

On the social level, the Festi Jazz pursues its engagement to give off scolarships, a dozen of free concerts for the population each year as well as the entirety of our shows being free for children aged 12 and under, and of a partnership to offer the earnings of one of our concerts to the foundation of the Centre hospitalier régional de Rimouski.

Other actions led every year;

  • Favor the utilisation of consigned and reusable drinks and cups;
  • Ban all single-use plastic bottles for our volunteers and employees, as well as not sending some on the site anymore;
  • Favor activity locations that are accessible by public transports and offer and parking space for bikes;
  • Helathy management of trashes;

Green light to the future

The Festi Jazz will report back on its climatic impact in the whole event sector, which will lead in the upcoming years to actions like : make a total count of the gas emmisions due to the event, require ecoresponsible practices alongside our bidders, encourage the sustainable alimentary offer, etc.