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Escale à Sainte-Luce

About Jetski

Jetzki is an improvisation group from Rimouski where the groove is put forward. Open and moving formation, the composition of the group varies according to each concert. Playing their pieces, you have to listen, but to feel the rhythm and the changes too so that together, the group creates pieces that navigate between funk, afrobeat, latin music and jazz. As part of the Festi-Jazz, the group will meet Olivier Gosselin on keyboards, Jean-Étienne Joubert on drums, Tom Jacques on percussions, Gabriel Dufour-Langlois on guitar and Thomas Gaudet-Asselin on electric bass.

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Formed by Gabriel Dufour Langlois on guitar, Thomas Gaudet-Asselin on electric bass as well as Tom Jacques on drums, the music of Gravier Lime develops its sour side as well in the free jazz than in rock where soft atonal melodies as well as ethereal harmonies shatter at moments of musical debauchery and frivolous improvisations.

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