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Tea for 20’S

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Lily Tea is the creator, director, producer and band leader for Tea for 20’s and Juke it Out, in which she created two very distinct universes. Tea for 20’s brings you back to the smoky vibe of underground nightclubs during the Prohibition era. Her musical arrangements were inspired by traditionnal jazz, blues roots and americana folk. Tea for 20’s honors the roots of popular and traditional jazz of the 1920s and revives the seminal works of the Prohibition era that is an important part of North American musical history.

Tea for 20’s was founded in 2008 and the project has been touring ever since. Amongst the many festivals and events worth mentioning are Followlogie (international swing dance congress), Festival d’été de Québec, Festival de Jazz et Blues de Saguenay and many others. Tea for 20’s Swing event formula is an interactive experience that succeeds in making all audiences dance, while the Concert formula takes you back 100 years with historical anecdotes that draw a parallel with the realities of 2020. Between several series of shows, a first album was recorded and released in November 2017. Tea for 20’s are about to enter the studio to record a brand new record that will be titled The Dipsy Doodle. Clearly, Tea for 20’s is charting a path that promises to make the crowds dance and honor the roots of traditional and popular jazz in a both festive and refined formula.

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