Festi Jazz is held in a stunning seaside setting!

The Bas-Saint-Laurent is a large region along the St. Lawrence River, stretching from La Pocatière to Sainte-Luce and southward to the borders of New Brunswick and Maine. Three ferries connect the region to the north shore.

The Bas-Saint-Laurent is bordered to the west by the Chaudière-Appalaches region and to the east by the Gaspésie region. It is a true paradise for nature lovers, especially bird watchers, with over 320 species nesting in the area. The mountains and their rolling landscapes have a breathtaking presence throughout the region. It’s no wonder that its tourism slogan is Là où vous aimerez revenir (a place you’ll want to return to).

Accommodations have improved over the years to meet tourists’ needs. A growing number of offerings cater to weekenders, vacationers and businesspeople alike.

National and international campaigns have highlighted the region as an ideal destination for ecotourism and winter activities. Through the application of various marketing strategies, the area is widely known for its several hundred kilometres of snowmobile trails and its vast natural and cultural heritage.


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