General and complementary services
Food and drink
Staying options
Permitted and prohibited items
Transport and parking

General and complementary services

Where can I find the calendar of events ?
Will we be able to buy promotional material ?

You can purchase Festi Jazz merchandise directly from the “Store” section of our website. You can also purchase promotional material directly from our festival kiosk.

Are there toilets on site ?

Chemical toilets will be available on the festival site in each zone of Place Festi Jazz Québecor! An accessible chemical toilet for people with reduced mobility will also be available on the outdoor Festival site. There are also adapted toilets at the Salle DESJARDINS-TELUS and the Conservatory, but none at the Bains Publics.


What are the site's opening hours ?

Thursday, September 31: 5pm to 12am*

Friday, September 1: 4pm to 12am*

Saturday, September 2: 12:30am to 12am*

Sunday, September 3: 9:30am to 7pm


*The evening continues off-site. See program for details.

Where will be the shows happening ?

The Grands Concerts take place under the Big Top at Place Festi Jazz Québecor and in Salle DESJARDINS-TELUS, the Nuits Jazz Toyota Rimouski in Salle Bouchard-Morisset at the Conservatoire de musique de Rimouski, and the other concerts under the Big Top at Place Festi Jazz Québecor and in Veterans Park opposite the Cathedral. In addition, 3 events will take place at Cabaret Culturel – Les Bains publics Coop de Solidarité.

Are shows postponed in case of rain ?

Not in most cases, as the stages are covered. If a show has to be moved, you will be informed by e-mail.

What kind of temperatures are we expecting ?

 It should be warm during the day, but as Rimouski is on the banks of the river, evenings can be cooler. It’s a good idea to bring a warm sweater, just in case.

How can I ensure my safety at the festival ?

The Festi Jazz International de Rimouski makes every effort to ensure your well-being throughout the festival. The BSL Security team is deployed at all performance sites.




Are shaded areas available for festival-goers ?

The performances are mainly in closed or shadowed areas


What are the show prices?
  • Grands Spectacles series: $35 (student $20) on Thursdays and $45 (student $25) for the other days.
  • Éclatée Québecor series: $30
  • Nuits Jazz Toyota Rimouski series: $30
  • Oiseaux de Nuit Desjardins series: $10
  • Explore Pass: $60 pre-sale until June 27
  • Festi Jazz Pass: $180

Free for children 12 and under

Where can I buy my tickets

On the ticketing page of our website! On site if tickets are still available.

Do I need my ticket to enter the site?

The site is free to enter, but you’ll need a ticket in print or on your cell phone for paying shows!


Can I enter the site if I have one of the two passes?

You can access the site and the shows included in the passes with your wristbands:

  • Passe Explore: pink bracelet to be picked up at Audition Musik after purchase.
  • Festi Jazz Pass: blue bracelet to be picked up at Spect’Art at Salle DESJARDINS-TELUS after purchase.

The bracelet can be emailed to you by the festival or picked up on site on the days of the event!


Do I need to book my tickets in advance?

We strongly advise you to reserve tickets in advance for paying shows, as places are limited. It is not possible to reserve tickets for free shows.


Is there a limited time to buy my ticket ?

Until the show starts if they are still available

Can I get my ticket or pass refunded?

No; tickets and passes are non-refundable and non-exchangeable.

For special cases or questions, please call us at 418 724 7844.

Are there free shows

Yes for more information, see the link below

Line up

Food and drink

Is there access to drinking water on site ?

There are two filtered drinking water fountains available on site. These fountains are available only for filling your glass or water bottle.

Where can I get food?

On-site food stands. Restaurateurs will be announced during the summer. Find out more about local restaurants:

Do we have access to food on the site

Yes; there will be food stands on site (to be announced soon)

Is alcohol allowed on the festival site?

Yes, bar service will be available on site, near the Chapiteau as well as in the Desjardins-Telus rooms and the Conservatoire. Alcohol consumption is permitted throughout the Place Festi Jazz Quebecor.

However, it is FORBIDDEN to bring your own alcohol on site. Glass bottles are also prescribed.

Staying options

How can I easily find an accommodation option

Our website offers you a choice of hotels near the festival site.

Where to sleep



Are there special rates for festival-goers?

Unfortunately, no special hotel rates are available this year for our festival-goers.


Permitted and prohibited items

What items are prohibited at Place Festi Jazz Québecor?
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Drugs and related accessories (except prescription drugs)
  • Glass bottles and cans (closed or open)
  • Coolers
  • Thermos jugs
  • Fireworks or firecrackers
  • Stud accessories
  • Rifle bullets
  • Bladed weapons and blunt objects
  • Sticks
  • Any item that could endanger the safety of other spectators
What items are accepted at Place Festi Jazz Québecor?
  • Strollers and bottles
  • Small snacks
  • Small backpacks and panniers (all bags and panniers will be searched)
  • Canteens and plastic bottles (hard or crumpled)
  • Cushions with backrest and no metal frame





Are pets allowed on show sites?

No. Out of concern for their well-being, Festi Jazz forbids dogs and other pets access to these performance sites.

Can we bring our own alcohol to the Festi Jazz sites?

No, you can’t bring your own alcohol to our venues. Glass bottles are also prescribed.





Can we bring our lunch to the sites?

Small snacks can be brought to the various sites.

Can we bring our own water bottles?

Yes, you are allowed to bring your own reusable water bottle. For ecological reasons, we have stopped selling bottled water on festival sites. You can fill your water bottles free of charge at the purified water stations provided.

Transport and parking

Does Festi Jazz have official parking spaces reserved for festival-goers?

Unfortunately, no parking spaces are reserved in Rimouski for festival-goers. However, there are several spaces available in town where you can leave your car.




Is there a public transit system to get us to the site?

A public transport system is in place in Rimouski. The various festival sites are accessible via different routes. For more details, follow this link:


Where is located salle Desjardins-Telus ?

25 Rue Saint Germain O, Rimouski, QC QC G5L 4B4

Where is located Place Festi Jazz Québecor ?

In Veterans’ Park, on rue Saint-Germain O, just opposite the Cathedral

Where is located Rimouski conservatory ?

22, rue Sainte-Marie Rimouski (Québec) G5L 4E2

Where is located The jardins de Métis ?

200 QC-132, Price, QC G0J 1Z0